Oberilzmühle: (Ilzstausee)

A not allowed nudists-place is on the opposite side of the textiles-bath place.
After approx. 800ms of forest way you will reach the small sunbathing area.
Here are no sanitary arrangements. The people, which are here sunbathing or bathing, mostly are in an older age. Sorry, very much curious stretchers.
However the romantic, pure nature will prepare joy for you. This place is ideally for recovering.
Pocking: Naturally outdoor swimming pool:

At the departure to Bad Füssing coming from B12-Passau, you will find the nature outdoor swimming pool Pocking. On the opposite lake-side in the area of the yet active gravel work, nudism and textile is possible (more nudism) on islands and sand banks.
The water here is super and you will find very much place. (06/2001)

The textile area is expanded just with attractions for the entire family. The gravel work is no longer in the business and already dismantled, for that it gives now more parking lots. The nudism-area is frequented very well - age group about of 25 until 60th. (04/2004)